The Secret to making money flipping houses

The Secret to making money flipping houses

There is no debate. You can make money and alot of it flipping real estate. There has been more millionaires made in the last $150 years + by Investing in Real Estate THAN BY ANY OTHER MEANS.

However With the loan crunch thats going on you have to be creative. The secret is using OPM or other peoples money. There is alot of different ways to use OPM. One of my favorite ways to invest in real estate is through using one of the NO RISK strategies. Lets face it. If you write a big check to invest in real estate you risk losing a big check in real estate. I dont know about you, but I like no risk better.


Its not the Traditional way anymore. You have to work smarter not harder, and there are several lucrative ways to make money flipping houses in this market. My favorite so far is Lease Options. If you dont know what a lease option is you owe it to yourself to visit

He can show you how to find a seller that will let you buy there house with an option to rent or buy. And then he shows you how to find someone to buy that simple contract, and they pay you for it and you walk away with cash at the closing table or in my situation the IHOP international house of pancakes table. It was only $1500, but it took me only a few hours to do it. And doing it was so easy all I have to do is replicate it. Amazing!

But thats only one of the many profitable ways to make money with real estate without using your own money and not using your credit.

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